Ubiquitus Health – Book Chapter

A Semantic Model to Address Health Questions to Professionals in Healthcare Social Networks

As semantic technologies prove their value with targeted applications, there are increasing opportunities to consider their usefulness in social contexts for knowledge, learning, and human development.

Social Web Evolution: Integrating Semantic Applications and Web 2.0 Technologies explores the potential of Web 2.0 and its synergies with the Semantic Web and provides state-of-the-art theoretical foundations and technological applications. A reference edition for academicians, practitioners, policy makers, and government officers eager for knowledge on Web 2.0 and social Web, this book emphasizes practical aspects of the integration of semantic applications into social Web technologies.

Article Abstract

Internet Social Networks offer a wide variety of possibilities, including communication between users, sharing information, and the creation of virtual communities on many different subjects. One of these subjects is the healthcare, where different social networks are nowadays appearing covering different objectives. In this chapter a social network is described, where users can formulate healthcare questions that are automatically classified under concepts of a medical ontology and assigned to experts of each topic. These questions are then answered by healthcare expert physicians. Our proposal includes a semantic classifying method that provides the automatic classification of questions by means of a medical ontology, based on the tags used to annotate them, and the previously classified questions. The proposal includes an ontological model that represents the questions, the assigned tags, the answers, the physicians, and the medical concepts.


F. Echarte, J.J. Astrain, A. Córdoba, J. Villadangos