Self-adaptation of Ontologies to Folksonomies in Semantic Web – ICSWE 2008


Ontologies and tagging systems are two different ways to organize the knowledge present in the current Web. In this paper we propose a simple method to model folksonomies, as tagging systems, with ontologies. We show the scalability of the method using real data sets. The modeling method is composed of a generic ontology that represents any folksonomy and an algorithm to transform the information contained in folksonomies to the generic ontology. The method allows representing folksonomies at any instant of time.


Francisco Echarte, José Javier Astrain, Alberto Córdoba and Jesús Villadangos


The following links download the datasets used in the experiments:


Echarte, F., Astrain, J.J., Córdoba, A., Villadangos, J.: Self-adaptation of Ontologies to Folksonomies in Semantic Web, World Congress on Science, Engineering and Technology, Heidelberg, 2008.